About Forever Anthology

What is Forever Anthology?

A boundless journey into the realm of imagination and technological wonder awaits you and your child at Forever Anthology - the ultimate story creation platform designed for parents and children alike. At its core, Forever Anthology is the realization of a dream; a dream that rose from the deep passion and endless fascination that its creator, Robin, has had with the magical universe of stories since childhood, and the burgeoning promise of artificial intelligence in recent years.

Forever Anthology Concept

The Mission

Forever Anthology's mission is to create a world where stories never end, characters live on, and the magical bond between generations is fostered through the timeless art of storytelling, all the while harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI technology. By giving children, parents, grandparents, familes and hopefully great grandparents(!) the tools to create and share their own fantastical worlds, we aim to unleash the power of imagination, nurture creativity, and lay the foundation of a lifelong love for reading...while also helping parents save hours of heartache at bedtime.

Our Platform

1. Custom Character Creation

We empower you and your child to create unforgettable characters with their distinct traits, looks, and personalities using AI-powered technology. Bring your child's wildest imaginations to life and watch them weave enthralling tales around their vibrant creations.

Custom Character Creation

2. AI-Generated Stories

Our state-of-the-art AI engines are designed to listen, learn, and generate engaging stories tailored to your child's interests, preferences, and learning goals as well as the continuing evolution of their favorite characters. You can have a hand in shaping the stories by choosing custom themes, settings, and lessons that resonate best with your child's unique persona. Want that custom story this afternoon to feature your child's favorite character AND remind them why it's good to eat veggies? You're in the right place.

AI-Generated Stories

3. Collaborative Storytelling

Forever Anthology invites you to be an integral part of your child's literary and learning journey, as you actively participate in the story creation process. As kids get old, work together on character arcs, story themes, and world-building – a beautiful, shared experience that strengthens bonds and cultivates a shared love for the written word.

Collaborative Storytelling

4. Discover a World of Stories

Our platform is a treasure trove of countless stories and characters that cater to every mood and interest. Find bedtime stories for tranquil nights, action-packed adventures for afternoons, and thought-provoking tales for meaningful conversations with your children. Your child's next favorite story is just a click away.

Discover a World of Stories

Forever Anthology strives to be more than just a vessel for stories.

It's a platform where you and your child can embark on a spellbinding journey that spans generations, transcends boundaries, and brings the world a little closer through the simple act of sharing a story. By seamlessly blending masterful storytelling with the evolution of artificial intelligence, Forever Anthology stands at the forefront of a new age of literary exploration.

So, hop aboard, let your imagination run wild, and join us in co-creating this enchanting lifelong anthology of tales that leave an indelible mark on hearts and minds. Let's make this world a better place to live together.

Forever Anthology Concept

The Origin

The original founder of Forever Anthology, Robin's lifelong love affair with books stemmed from his earliest memories, in which his parent's voices resonated through the room as he battled to stay awake to hear just one more captivating tale of imagination and wonder. As a talented fiction author herself, Robin's mother, along with his father, spent countless hours fostering his love for literature.

Who knew that the Cat had all of that in his Hat?

This nurturing environment laid the foundation for Robin's thirst for knowledge and his insatiable appetite for the magical world of stories.

Robin's Journey

As he grew older, the school library became Robin's haven, where he could further indulge his curiosity and passion for books and storytelling. With an unwavering determination, he started pestering librarians for book after book, voraciously devouring each story and delving deeper into the literary realm. After studying storytelling in film at university and in the following years, Robin's personal library continued to grow and the countless hours spent scouring shelves and websites for stories were testaments to his affection for the written word, and his enthusiasm to share these mesmerizing treasures with the children in his life. Overtime, his reading habits evolved to including audio books, leading to thousands of hours of listen time so he could continue to take part in adventures while going about his daily life.

Forever Anthology Concept

AI and Storytelling

While he still loves to hold an actual paper book in the real world, Robin's journey has happily led him to the crossroads of timeless storytelling and the boundless potential of artificial intelligence, giving birth to the passion project that is now Forever Anthology.

Over the last few years, Robin has been captivated by the incredible advancements in artificial intelligence, particularly in the realm of generative and large language models models. This newfound passion led him to delve deep into the AI world, exploring and experimenting with this revolutionary technology. As he immersed himself in the fields of machine learning and natural language processing, Robin discovered what could be the perfect means to merge his love for storytelling with his excitement for AI, eventually giving birth to the remarkable platform that you're on right now.